If you like our work but would prefer something different to our main range, we can make One-Off pieces especially for you. To commission something really unique please contact Julie to discuss your ideas.

Commissions can be tailored to your ideas and needs: size, colour and design detail and will be personal to you. For example, we can personalise a large fishing boat by adding the registration number of your favourite harbour or port. If you live more inland we can add your postcode or initials.

Pricing a commission is dependent upon the above criteria, but can normally be negotiated to suit your requirements and budget. Please bear in mind that a one-off item is usually more expensive than pieces in the main collection.

If you are interested in having something special: if you have always wanted a piece of work with something personal to you, or a totally unique gift to someone for a particular occasion, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the commissioning process with you.

Please note, the copyright of any commissioned artwork will automatically remain the property of Richard Goodwin-Jones.

“Fantastic work on our pictures, thank you very much. They look both beautiful and stunning and retain an aura of real class. Can I also say that I have found you a delight to deal with – from a customer’s viewpoint; you are friendly, accommodating, and helpful and went out of your way to deliver what we wanted. You have true advocates here, so thank you.”

Mark & Wendy Bruty, Kent

“After working for 20 years at sea on board various vessels, I wanted something original/unique to put on my wall back home. Having already bought a piece of their work before, I decided to contact them regarding a commission to create something special. I found them to be very friendly and helpful, having a 2-way discussion about the design and colours until a design was created on paper, which I was happy with.

During the manufacture process I was kept up to date with the procedure, which included the time frame for the pieces to be completed, which were finally hand delivered. The pieces now look great at home, and I would recommend this service for anyone looking for something special.”

Matt Wilson, Sweden